Friday, September 12, 2014

Time To Start Something Special

     Each morning when  I get up there are several lthings I do. Put on my slippers. Remove my CPAP mask (and those with sleep apnia know of what I speak), and I shuffle over to the burea to select my uniform of the day. This involves underwear (boxers). T-shirts. (cotton, plain) some kind of outer shirt and pants. Then I look in the mirror to make sure I haven't accidently morphed into a 6 foot axelotl or giant Asian cockroach.
     Having ascertained that I haven't, I start down  stairs for the coffee. And a song pops into my head. Unbidden. Uncalled for. It just blooms like a tinkling musical flower. And it is usually always different.
     There might be Gilbert aned Sullivan on the menu. Or Chuck Berry, Miles Davis, Yitzak Perleman. Django Rheinhardt. Sometimes it's Broadway. Occasionallhy it night be a ditty I wrote. But it is always different.
Every morning like clockwork - a new song!
     A week ago or so I started tracking these daily tuneful bon-bons on my site and I quickly realized that I need to spend more time on the daily songs without wearing out my welcome on the other site. Plus I get to expand my daily observations on my morning serenade.
     I will post new songs here from now on and, of course I will still comment on live music concerts, new CD's and new performers.
     If possible I will find a Youtube video of the song I get or I might possibly plink on my guitar and play it myself. I may be close to 72, but I still can be understood.
     So look here from now on when an Earworm wiggles it's way into your cranium, And please feel free to let me know what your "song of the day" is from time to time.
     Music is too good for silence. We need to talk up tunes more.
     Adios till tomorrow.


  1. I wish I could write half as nice as you do!

    1. Thanks. You're very kind. Check out my book of 2 Sherlock Holmes stories, "A Holmes Duet" on Amazon.